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How do we bill for our services?

We only get paid when you get paid. We bill you one time per month based off credit memos reconciled from the previous month.

Do you provide customized reports?

Yes, we can track any info you want to track and customize to suit your needs.

What happens if I get audited by OE?

We make sure your maintenance records will stand up to any OE audit example. We make sure the 3C’s are on your Work orders and parts match what is claimed.

Do you chase after goodwill?

Yes, approximately 25% of our claims are goodwill claims. We ask for and receive good support from all OE’s.

Do you file claims for trailers?

Yes, we file direct to all OE’s.

Can you help us set up our maintenance system to capitalize on better recovery?

Yes, we can help with this part of the process, but we do have additional fees that will apply.

Is warranty all you do?

No, we will customize a program to meet as many needs as we can perform.

Are we obligated by contract?

We work with both contracts and on hand shake. We are a company built on traditional values. We believe that if you are not happy you need to retain the option to walk away without penalties.