About the Company

Who We Are

We take pride in having over forty years of experience in the transportation industry, including warranty management of a fleet of over 5000 units. We have served as both tech and service manager for 15 years, and spent 10 years as warranty manager for FedEx Freight.

We havg long term relationships in place with all major OE’s including second and third tier suppliers, and we have a solid reputation throughout the industry as an honest and reliable company.

How We Work

We custom build your warranty department from the ground up… AND we will clean up your old back log of claims!

All claims will be filed within three days of the closure of the RO, regardless of their complexity. We do not allow claims to get old – we get paid for what we collect.

Saving You Money

For added savings, We do not negatively impact your maintenance budget. You are no longer faced with:

  • Benefits Packages
  • Taxes
  • Vacation
  • Sick Days
  • Training
  • Turn Over
Our Clients